JMC Mission.. Your Partner in Building Successful Future

JMC has a proven track record of fulfilling and often exceeding customers™ expectations with its commitment to deliver projects on-time. JMC™s strategic initiatives have always been inspired by the needs of future. Our corporate philosophy, values and ˜behind“ the scene ™ processes define how we operate and deliver. We believe that perspectives make the difference. Thus, leveraging our ability to stay focused and deliver excellence, every time, we have been able to steer ourselves through the most demanding times.

JMC Mission

Confluence of Kalpataru Group and other stakeholders™ vision has inspired JMC™s Mission, which is:

To be a leader and model corporate participant in the development of the construction industry. To build, maintain and perpetuate a loyal and continuing relationship with every customer through total commitment to quality, transparent dealings, timely completion, thereby enhancing the values for all stakeholders.

Core Values

As professional managers, we are conscious that our stakeholders have trusted us to manage our company professionally. Thus, at JMC, we are the custodians of their trust and we actualize stakeholders™ value and interest on a sustainable basis. In pursuit of our goals, we make no compromise in complying with applicable laws and regulations at all levels.

Our Values are the covenants to how we want to accomplish our Vision.

  • Business Ethics Business Ethics
  • Quality Quality
  • Respect Respect
  • Pride Pride
  • Humility Humility
  • Prudence Prudence